2015 NBA Draft Player Profile: Devin Booker


Devin Booker spent his college career at Kentucky and averaged 10 PPG, 2 RPG and 1.1 APG. He managed all this, as well as securing excellent shooting figures of 47% from the field and 41% from deep. His qualifications don’t end there though! His physical traits were listed as and as a guard.

The most impressive thing about all this is the fact that he managed to gain his entire buzz while coming off the bench! Booker was a sixth man on a deep Kentucky team and he still managed to wow scouts and fans.

He was so mesmerizing that his talents earned him recognition as the SEC sixth man of the year! Not to mention, he was also nominated to both the SEC All-Freshman Team and the Second-team All SEC.

After just barely missing out on the lottery, Devin Booker is out for vengeance and is utterly determined to make teams regret passing up on him. The 13th pick in the draft belonged to the Phoenix Suns and they elected to give the Kentucky athlete his shot.

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Summer League:

Booker was astonishingly good throughout the course of his Las Vegas Summer League stint. He displayed his entire repertoire of offensive moves to the tune of 15.3 PPG. He was also able to swoop in and scoop up nearly 5 RPG. Something to note, he shot almost exactly the same from the field and from three at 40%. His most notable performance occurred against the Pelicans when he scored 31 points with 9 rebounds and 2 assists.

Booker’s main talents revolve around his high basketball IQ and automatic three point stroke. In a league where things are rapidly changing towards being faster paced and three-point oriented, Booker can develop into one of the more valuable players on the market. Scouts have placed Booker’s ceiling to be as high as that of Klay Thompson.

Given all the positive aspects of Booker, there are still definite things he has to improve upon. Probably the most notable thing to talk about is his lack of defensive pressure. Booker doesn’t have the most intimidating frame and as a result he’s often bullied around on the inside and beaten off the dribble on the perimeter. He also has shown some inconsistency throughout his Summer League appearances. Booker has been on both sides of the gamut, one night he can drop 30 on you and the other he can be held to 2-12 shooting for 4 points.

Fit On The Phoenix Suns

I am puzzled as to the synergy Booker has with the Suns. Booker’s proposed role of scorer off the bench may be compromised due to the surplus of talent Phoenix has in its guard positions. Whether it is competing with the likes of established studs like Bledsoe and Knight or potent scorers like Thornton and Goodwin, I’m not seeing much opportunity for Booker to shine, barring an injury to an existing player.

The Suns are also going to be competing for a highly coveted playoff position in the Western Conference so rookie mistakes will not be tolerated when the margin of error is so slim. Veterans will likely consume majority of the available playing time leaving only the occasional scraps during blow-outs for Booker.

I’m not convinced that the Suns are a good organization for Booker at the moment. Booker strikes me as a player who needs experience to help sort out his inconsistency problems and that can only be achieved by a team who is willing to sacrifice a couple wins for the future of their prospects.

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