2015 NBA Draft Player Profile: Juan Vaulet

The Brooklyn Nets made a draft day trade to acquire the 39th overall pick, Juan Vaulet. Vaulet is a highly touted prospect out of Argentina. At just 19 years old, he employs the type of upside many NBA teams are looking for. Vaulet is a 6’6” small forward who is known for his athleticism and playmaking ability in the open court. The Nets certainly covet his length and size and see a player who could develop into a solid NBA player down the road. Vaulet has spent time with the Argentina international team and currently plays for a team in his native country. He played in the FIBA World championship starting at the age of 17 and that is where he made his mark as a potential NBA prospect.

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Playing in Argentina, Vaulet plays limited minutes but his skills shine through. He is known for being a solid athlete that is good at getting to the rim in transition. He is a decent rebounder and ball handler and likes to attack the hoop more times than not. The weakest part of Vaulet’s game is shooting. He is known to have an odd shooting stroke and throws the ball more so than shooting it. He will need to develop some touch on his shot and will need to become a capable outside shooter to succeed in the NBA. He attempts three point shots in Argentina, but with little accuracy. As a small forward, it is imperative he becomes a better shooter. Being 19 years old, his body is still developing and it will be a few years before he could really compete in the NBA. Brooklyn will most likely keep him in Argentina for a few more years and then gauge his progress down the road. Even though he was drafted this year, he is more of a prospect for the future. It may have benefited him to wait a few more years before entering the NBA draft, but never the less the Charlotte Hornets selected him early in the second round, before sending him off to Brooklyn. One name that gets thrown around as a comparison is Manu Ginobili. Ginobili is obviously also from Argentina, but he came into the NBA as a much more developed player.

The good news for Vaulet is that he is so young. There will be no rush for him to come in and compete right away. As he gets stronger and develops a better shot, he will have a chance to try his luck in the NBA if he so chooses. At this point he is pretty unknown as a player and it could be years down the line before the Nets find out what they have with this selection.

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