2015 NBA Draft Player Profile: Luka Mitrovic

With the 60th and final pick of the 2015 draft, the Philadelphia 76ers selected Luka Mitrovic out of Serbia. He currently plays in Serbia for the club known as Crvena Zvezda and has done so for a few years. Mitrovic is a 22 year old power forward who stands at 6’9”. Mitrovic is an intriguing prospect due to his potential as a stretch four. He was worth a look with the last pick in the draft, but he does have some limitations. Mitrovic shooting numbers have not been great but he has shown the ability to knock down perimeter shots. He has developed into a very good European player in the past few seasons and is a starter/captain on his current team. He is known to be a good team player and leader in the locker room.

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The problem is that he is a little too small to play power forward, yet not athletic enough to play in the small forward position. He could struggle in the NBA against bigger forwards and centers and he is not quick enough to guard small forwards. He is somewhat stuck in between two positions which hurts his overall stock. Even so, he has good height overall and if he can continue to develop his shot he could serve as a floor spacer in the league. He does have a good skillset for a big man and he can pass and dribble better than many power forwards.

At 22, he is a bit older than some prospects and could have less developing left than some might think. He has the makings of a role player in the NBA but it is hard to see him becoming much more than that. Philadelphia is looking for anyone to contribute down the road and they will likely allow him to continue to play in Serbia for a while before bringing him over to the NBA. He is not the type of player you would build around but if the 76ers can build a good team down the road they could bring him over as a backup big man. He is the type of player that could be effective on offense and hurt you on defense at the same time. He would struggle to guard bigger players on defense, yet on offense his ability to put the ball on the floor and take them off the dribble, along with forcing them to guard him on the perimeter would be valuable.

If Mitrovic was a few inches taller and a little thicker he would have been a higher prospect, but as is he could still hold some value in the NBA sometime down the road.

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