2015 NBA Draft Player Profile: Nikola Radicevic

Nikola Radicevic is a 21 year old point guard from Serbia. The Denver Nuggets decided to take a chance on the guard late in the 2015 draft. Like most young foreign players, he will most likely stay overseas for a few more years so the Nuggets can evaluate his progress. The good news is that he is likely to have a bigger role on his Serbian team than he did in the past as they had a few starters get drafted earlier in this year’s draft. Thus, the Nuggets should get a better look at him over the next few years. Radicevic is an intriguing prospect, mostly due to his good size at the point guard position.

He is listed at 6’5” and can see the floor better than some point guards. He seems to see the floor well and make the right play more times than not, although his assist numbers have been nothing special due to lack of playing time in Serbia. He is an attack point guard who looks to put pressure on the defense. Then, he either makes a play for his teammate or attacks the hoop. When it comes to his own scoring, it seems that he prefers to attack the rim far more than settling for a jumper. He has a good mid-range shot when he chooses to use it and still needs some work on his three point shot. He is crafty around the hoop and can finish in a variety of ways. His speed is not overwhelming but he can get where he needs to go. Many scouts seem to like the comparison to Goran Dragic. He does play the game in a similar fashion, but will have a ways to go in order to reach those heights.

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It is realistic to believe that Radicevic could be over in the NBA in a year or two. The Nuggets are back to rebuilding and although they selected Emmanuel Mudiay who will start at point guard, Radicevic could be brought over to be his backup. Radicevic was a nice pick late in the draft as a prospect. Last year in Serbia, he averaged 7 points and 4 assists per game. The Nuggets seem to be picking up on the San Antonio Spurs infusion of foreign based players and Radicevic has the look of a guard that could help them relatively soon.

The next year or two will be very important for him. If his role is indeed expanded in Serbia, he will need to perform well. If he does Denver may look to bring him over sooner than later. Now that they traded Ty Lawson, they are looking for their future point guard.

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