2015 NBA Draft Player Profile: Olivier Hanlan

Olivier Hanlan was one of the best scorers in college basketball the past few seasons. He upped his scoring average each of his three years at Boston College and averaged nearly 20 points per game as a junior. He played on a bad Boston College team, and decided to enter the NBA draft after his junior year. Hanlan scoring average was impressive due to the fact he always the main focus of the defense. He is a combo guard who is more of a natural scorer than a point guard. In college, Hanlan was a good outside shooter who could also get to the hoop despite his size. At 6’4”, he has decent size for an NBA guard but he appears smaller due to his lack of weight. He will need to beef up a little to compete at the next level. That is one reason teams chose not to select him in the first round. They were worried about his inability to defend opposing guards.

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Overall, Hanlan is a decent rebounder and playmaker from the guard position, but his main threat comes as a scorer. He took over many games for Boston College and was always their go to option down the stretch of close games. The Utah Jazz took a chance on Hanlan, with the 42nd pick of the draft. They could be looking to replace Trey Burke with a new scoring guard off the bench. That would be a good role for Hanlan, although he would also have to assume point guard duties. Hanlan performed in 8 summer league games with the Jazz, but failed to score double digits. His playing time was up and down and he could not seem to find his scoring touch. He struggled with his shot in all areas, but never truly got enough minutes or enough shots to make an impact. Assessing his play at the summer league would not be completely fair because of that. Utah is a team that is young at guard and they have yet to establish a starting lineup. Dante Exum will most likely get the first crack at point guard, with Trey Burke backing him up.

Rumors have been swirling about Utah moving Burke and if that happens it could open the door for Hanlan. Alec Burks and Bryce Cotton are the two other young guards Hanlan will have to compete with. Burks will likely start at the shooting guard position but has had injury problems. Hanlan will probably have to wait in the wings at first and see what happens with the Trey Burke situation. If Utah likes what they see from him in training camp and beyond, they will be more likely to move Burke. Hanlan has potential as a scorer, but he will have to improve from his summer league performance.

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