2015 NBA Draft Player Profile: Richaun Holmes

Richaun Holmes had an unlikely route to get to the NBA. Holmes was a late bloomer in high school and had a late growth spurt that shot him up to 6’9”. He was off the radar of division I teams and went to junior college to play basketball. At the junior college level, Holmes was an All-American and eventually he transferred to Bowling Green University.

At Bowling Green, Holmes continued to improve and by the end of his final year, he had begun to think about the NBA. Holmes has grown to 6’10” and has put on a good amount of muscle. He has transformed himself into a power forward and he is very skilled for that position. He is very agile and athletic for a big man and over the course of his collegiate career he developed a decent jump shot. His biggest impact has been on the defensive end. He is very long and athletic making him a good shot blocker and rebounder. Now that he is a solid offensive threat, his stock will only improve. The 76ers took a shot on Holmes because of his upside. He had developed into a pretty good college player over the years but he is the type of player that figures to continue to grow. It appears that he is just starting to realize his full potential and that he will get better and better over the next few years. For that reason, he is well worth the risk for the 76ers.

Philadelphia is also a good chance for him to develop his game because they are in constant rebuilding and really have no proven players. Holmes could realistically get playing time his rookie year. Many people believe Philadelphia has been attempting to lose over the past few years in attempt to get top draft picks. Their owner believes the best way to build a team is to get the top draft picks year in and year out. There is no reason to believe that philosophy is going to change this year or over the next few years and what better way to lose than to play rookies who are still developing. It would earn players such as Holmes playing time for the 76ers to see what they have while still ultimately losing games for the future.

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Holmes has a unique skill set and if he continues to develop his three point shot he will certainly get a chance to play. Holmes did participate in the summer league but only in three games and in limited minutes. In his limited playing time he did show the ability to score on this level. Richaun Holmes has been unknown the majority of his life but the NBA may find out about him in the near future. If he continues to develop he could become a solid NBA player.

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