2015 NBA Draft Player Profile: Trey Lyles


Lyles has been gaining interest from scouts since he was in High School and he has yet to slow down. After receiving numerous offers from various colleges, Lyles made the decision to enroll at Kentucky on July 12, 2014. Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada it was a major decision that held great influence on his future.

Lyles stood a thunderous 6ft and weighted in the ballpark of . Naturally he played both forward positions and was able to openly demonstrate his skillset. Unfortunately, the Wildcats had an awfully loaded frontcourt during Lyle’s tenure and his numbers took a small hit due to this. Even so, he was still able to average decent figures of 8.7 PPG, 5.2 RPG, and 1.1 APG on nearly 49% shooting. Adding to this, he was honored with multiple distinctions which include: SEC All-Freshmen Team, McDonald’s All American 2014 and Indiana Mr. Basketball.

Despite what may appear to be mediocre numbers from a lottery pick, Lyles was still able to be drafted notably high due to his potential to become a potent player.

Summer League:

During Lyles’ time at the Las Vegas Summer League he was able to impress critics with his solid effort on both ends of the floor. He portrayed his ability to score at 11.3 PPG but his efficiency is something to be concerned about. He shot a miserable 32% from the field, 14% from 3 and only 60% from the FT line. These percentages may not show the whole story, but they definitely indicate that Lyles needs to refine his game to bolster these stats.

On the defensive side of things Lyles offered a more solid argument. He was able to average 1.3 SPG and about half a block. Amazingly, he was able to provide solid defence while keeping his fouls down to an acceptable 2 per game.

If we have learned one single thing about Lyles, it’s that he is molded as a Jack of All Trades type of player. He hasn’t demonstrated exceptional talent at one specific aspect of his game, but he has shown the ability to be good at multiple things. Due to this, he has drawn comparisons to players like Carlos Boozer which isn’t terrible if he can manage to have a prime like that of Carlos.

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Fit On The Utah Jazz:

The Jazz remind me of the Timberwolves. They were both teams that recently vied for bottom of the barrel playoff seeds, had a couple bad seasons and now are poised to have potentially marvellous squads. The Jazz are in a position where they are trying to gather as many young pieces as possible to see what fits and what doesn’t. They have a very young core that can grow together and one day become deadly playoff threats.

Due to all of this, Lyles is in a position where he can succeed. He has proven himself to be rawer than other players, but that should not be a major issue for this squad! The Jazz aren’t serious contenders in a stacked Western Conference and thus, can afford to allow Lyles opportunities to make mistakes and develop through valuable court time.

Lyles has all the tools at his disposable to form into a respectable player and he has been given the perfect opportunity to develop and show results on this Jazz team.

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