2015 NFL Draft Player Profile: Breshad Perriman

The Baltimore Ravens used their 26th pick in this years draft to select a wide receiver from Central Florida in the form of Breshad Perriman.  He certainly has the speed and agility that the Ravens have been looking for since losing Anquan Boldin following their Super Bowl victory, but some questions do remain as to whether or not he can compete on that level. He was, however, a standout at the collegiate level, being selected to the first team All American Athletic Conference in 2014, a season that saw him make 50 catches at an average of just under 21 yards per reception.  Out of that number, he had a respectable 9 touchdowns, so he certainly knows how to find the end zone.

For some reason, Perriman did not attend the combine, but he did have some incredible results at Pro Day.  He did the 40-yard dash in an amazing 4.24 and 4.27 seconds, while showing a perhaps even more amazing vertical jump of 36.5 inches. He rounded out his Pro Day performance with a Broad Jump of 10 feet and 7 inches, and a bench press of 18 repetitions at 225 pounds.  All of this from a well built wide receiver, coming in at 6’2”” and 212 pounds, with a 32 inch arm length and 9 ¼”, and it is easy to see why the Ravens were enticed enough to select him when he was still available towards the completion of the first round.

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The strength of Breshad Perriman lies in his aforementioned height, weight, and speed.  Almost any team would love to have a wide receiver that can consistently put up these kinds of numbers in their player profile. He has a noticeably rapid acceleration right at the moment of the snap, and in college he was frequently leaving cornerbacks looking stifled with his rapid turn and run patterns.  Another of his strength comes with his size, coupled with his speed, which will almost certainly put him at the top of his rookie class. He can leap with the best of them, and has a tremendous catch radius that enables him to snag even the most difficult of passes.  Fans in Baltimore should already be salivating at some of the plays that should develop between Flaco and Perriman in the coming years.

A significant weakness that Perriman tends to exhibit is an overreliance on his speed and athletic ability, which makes him less than precise on many standard route patterns.  Playing in a somewhat weak collegiate conference enabled him to get away with this, but it will not fly at the professional level. With an experienced quarterback at the helm in Flaco, however, the hope is that he will quickly be groomed to outgrow these tendencies.  In short, this appears to be a fantastic pick for the Ravens at a position that they have been rebuilding for the past few seasons.  If he is healthy, Perriman should see some great action in his rookie season, so he will be able to demonstrate to all if he was worthy of the first round selection.

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