2015 NFL Draft Player Profile: Cedric Ogubehi

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Cedric Ogbuehi is the type of offensive lineman that most NFL coaches dream of. The former Texas A&M product was simply phenomenal during his time manning the line for head coach Kevin Sumlin, and now he has an opportunity to step into the NFL to try and reproduce that same type of success. With all the talent at his disposal, that shouldn’t be a hard thing to do.

Ogbuehi’s Biggest Strengths

The offensive tackle position is obviously a major need for teams that are looking to take that next step towards a Super Bowl. What Ogbuehi brings at that position are things that not a lot of other linemen his age can. He has great size and the body of a veteran NFL offensive lineman, which is a great start for someone just coming out of college.

Of course, you have to be able to move well in this league, which is something that Ogbuehi does not have to worry about. His foot speed and quickness on the line is what has allowed him to get to this level, and it will be a major strength in allowing him to get on the field quickly. It also doesn’t hurt that he has plenty of experience against NFL-like defenders since he played in a talent-heavy like the SEC.

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Ogbuehi’s Biggest Weaknesses

Ogbuehi tore his ACL during Texas A&M’s bowl game last year, so that this will cause some concern given the extent of the injury. He will still have some work to do in order to get onto the field, and that could take a bit longer. Many will question whether he will be the same type of talent that he was prior to the injury, but there’s no way of knowing until he’s finally back in action on a consistent basis.

His technique will need to get better, and there’s also going to be an adjustment in terms of the offensive scheme that he’ll be working in. The Aggies played a very fast style during his time in College Station, so he will be dealing with an entirely different offense once he is able to get back onto the field.

Assessing Ogbuehi’s NFL Future

The big man steps into a good situation in Cincinnati, as the Bengals have a solid roster that should once again be in playoff content this season. Obviously, Ogbuehi’s presence in the lineup could have to wait a while until he is fully healed from his injury, and that’s probably a good thing. That will give him the opportunity to learn from the sidelines and improve his technique.

If he returns as the same type of player he was at Texas A&M, then the Bengals are going to have quite the stalwart on the offensive line. He will bring a lot of skill to the line and will be able to help keep quarterback Andy Dalton on track in trying to help Cincinnati make a serious run at a Super Bowl title.

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