2015 NFL Draft Player Profile: Ereck Flowers

Ereck Flowers was a beast on the offensive line during his career with the Miami Hurricanes, and he’ll be looking to deliver that same role when he steps onto the field for his first NFL game. Flowers was one of the top prospects at offensive line in the 2015 NFL draft, and given how dominant he was at times in college, it makes perfect sense as to why that was the case.

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Flowers’ Biggest Strengths

Like it or not, the NFL is certainly a league that is obsessed with size. Flowers without question fits the bill there, as he comes in at an impressive 6’6” and weighs nearly 330 pounds. There are certainly worse statistics to have when you’re an offensive lineman coming into the league that’s expected to block 250-plus pound men on the other side of the ball.

Flowers has also been heralded for his ability to be a consistent blocker in both the running and passing game, and it would be hard to determine which one he’s better at. His awareness is also top-notch, as the big mean seems to understand the importance of making initial contact and immediately taking the pressure off of the passer or runner.

Flowers’ Biggest Weaknesses

Flowers’ footwork has been brought up time and time again as his biggest overall weakness, and considering how crucial that is to succeeding at the next level, he’ll need to improve in that area sooner rather than later.

There is also some concern about his overall speed and consistency when it comes to blocking above average speed defenders. That’s where the footwork issues can come into play and cause some problems in a hurry.

Assessing Flowers’ NFL Future

Going to the New York Giants will allow Flowers to learn under a veteran NFL coach in Tom Coughlin. The Super Bowl-winning coach has seen outstanding linemen come through under his watch over the years during the Super Bowl years, so he understands the importance of good line play in order to help the team reach its championship goals.

Flowers could very well change positions, which could be to his benefit. He’s a raw talent that may have too many inconsistencies to come in and be high-caliber right away, but he has plenty of time to learn and progress.

The good thing for Flowers is that he has a lot of size and strength going for him, which can make the transition much easier to work with. When a lineman possesses those two traits, there’s a good chance that the more intricate skills can be dealt with.

The Giants need more protection for Eli Manning entering the 2015 regular season, and if Flowers can take a big step forward from day one, he could provide just that.

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