2015 NFL Draft Player Profile: Kevin White

Kevin White is without question the most dynamic wide receiver in the 2015 NFL draft. White’s speed allowed him to make an impact on every play he was involved in while at West Virginia, and now he will turn his focus towards making those same types of contributions at the next level.

White’s Biggest Strengths

Speed is obviously the biggest pro for this newest pro. White proceeded to lock up a 4.35 time at the combine this summer, and that type of speed will take you places in the NFL. Also, when you consider that he’s 6’3” and has outstanding hands, the combination is nearly unbeatable.

The thing about White is that he’s simply a natural playmaker. He knows where the ball is going to be, and he finds a way to put himself in that position more often than not. He will certainly bring quite the excitement level to the league.

White’s Biggest Weaknesses

White isn’t a complete receiver just yet, but he’s further along than most. Perhaps an initial quick burst of speed down the field is the biggest concern at this point, however, even that is being rather picky to be honest.

Some feel that he isn’t quite as polished as other young receivers, but the good news is that he isn’t expected to be perfect at this point. If he can improve strength and add that quick burst to his resume, then there’s no doubt that he has the potential to be a future star.


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Assessing White’s Future

With White going seventh overall to the Chicago Bears, it’s obvious that he’s perceived as a top talent. And although many wonder if his talent will be capped with Jay Cutler at quarterback, the situation might turn out to be just the opposite.

Cutler has never been the only reason why the Bears haven’t succeeded in recent years, and having White alongside Alshon Jeffery on the outside will certainly give the Chicago quarterback plenty to work with.

It’s hard to see White being just another face in the crowd given how much is on the line for first-year head coach John Fox and the Bears as a whole this season. Cutler will need all the options that he can get at his disposal, and given the speed and playmaking ability that comes along with White, that makes things look a bit more positive.

White may not wind up being the next Calvin Johnson, but his playmaking ability could allow him to reach the NFL’s top tier of receivers sooner rather than later.

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