2015 NFL Draft Player Profile: Nelson Agholor

Playmakers are certainly a big need for any team in the NFL, and that’s exactly what USC wide receiver Nelson Agholor will be bringing to the table when he steps onto the field for the first time in the league. Agholor’s ability to make the big play allowed him to thrive as a member of the Trojans, and now he’ll be looking to bring the same productivity with him at the next level.
Agholor’s Biggest Strengths

Few NFL teams are going to turn down a player that has the type of upside that Agholor does. He knows how to run the type of route that is going to get him open and allow for the long play down the field, and that’s obviously a big asset to have. He also has top-notch awareness when it comes to finding the right spot on a broken play, which always comes in handy in the NFL.

Agholor is the type of receiver that will look to get that extra yard down the field if he can, and his ability to drive forwards for the added yardage shows the type of tenacity and toughness that he has on the field.

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Agholor’s Biggest Weaknesses

While he can run a ton of different routes, they aren’t always perfect in terms of technique. His frame is also a concern in terms of how he’ll be able to get back more aggressive defenders at the line of scrimmage. His strength will need to get better in order for him to stay ahead of the pack in that particular situation, which will come with more NFL-style training.

Another nit-picky concern is his blocking skills on the outside, but when you’re a prized pick as a playmaker, you aren’t expected to be all that great when the ball isn’t in your hands. Again, that is something that will improve has he gets more NFL experience and understands the offensive scheme much better.

Assessing’s Agholor’s NFL Future
Some NFL players and coaches are just the right fit with each other, and that will likely prove to be the case with Agholor and Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Agholor is just the type of play-making talent that Kelly loves in his offensive system, and it shouldn’t take long for the head coach to find some use for the young rookie right away.
Considering that the Eagles are the type of team that will look to take a lot of chances in the passing game, Agholor could certainly step in and find a nice role with this team. Assuming that quarterback Sam Bradford stays healthy, Agholor could become a popular target in the Philly offense for many years to come.
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