2015 NFL Draft Profile: Todd Gurley

Former Georgia running back Todd Gurley enters the NFL as a relentless running back with all the tools needed to be a future star in the league. Having already drawn comparisons to Marshawn Lynch due to his aggressive running style, there’s no doubt that Gurley could be one of the shining stars of this 2015 draft class.

Gurley’s Biggest Strengths

Well, when you’re being compared to Lynch and you haven’t even taken an NFL snap yet, you know you’ve got a lot of strengths at your disposal. Gurley was an absolute beast for the Bulldogs, and more often than not, he didn’t need a whole lot of carries to rack up a ton of yards on the ground. Had he not faced NCAA suspension and a torn ACL during the 2014 season, he could have been a serious Heisman Trophy candidate.

Most running backs are stronger in either speed or power. That is not the case with Gurley, as he brings both to the table with an impressive style of running. He could blow by defenders with his outstanding speed, or he could run over them with brute force.

Gurley’s ability to shed defenders like a bad habit is truly fun to watch, as it was difficult for just one person to bring him down during his days at Georgia. You won’t have to worry about this guy trying to get out of the action in a hurry, as instead, he’ll look to get every single extra yard that he can.

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Gurley’s Biggest Weaknesses

Perhaps the biggest question mark surrounding Gurley is how he’ll bounce back from the ACL injury. It’s easy to say that he’ll return with no issues and will be just like the runner that we all knew and loved during his Georgia days. But when it comes to significant ACL injuries, there are never any guarantees.

His awareness could still use some work, but again, that isn’t as pressing of an issue as the injury issues that he’s had over the years.

He’s also not the best pass blocker in the world, but there’s no reason he needs to be when he can be a major contributor in both the running and passing game.

Assessing Gurley’s NFL Future

Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams took a chance by taking Gurley with the 10th overall pick in the draft. Without the injury concerns, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if Gurley was taken a bit higher than that.

But considering how well Fisher has been able to utilize the run with his teams throughout the years, we have every reason to believe that Gurley will be a big-time player for this Rams team for many years to come.

If he’s the same type of runner that he was before the ACL tear, then there’s a good chance that we’ll see him at the Pro Bowl in a few years.

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