2015 WWE Survivor Series Preview – Infographic

With Seth Rollins going on injured reserve and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs, the 2015 incarnation of Survivor Series is shifting focus from the typical format. While there is still a traditional 5-on-5 elimination match on the docket, the emphasis of the event is on a series of other matches taking place.

In what could be the Brothers of Destruction’s final pairing, Undertaker and Kane take on the Wyatt Family in a contest that some see as a passing of the torch. Over the years, the Brothers have actually wrestled as a pair (35 matches) more often then they’ve faced each other (15 matches). They’ve been dominate over the years as a tag team, while Taker holds a slight advantage over Kane in their head to head battles.

The other focus of Survivor Series focuses on the vacated World Heavyweight Championship that Rollins most recently held. The final three matches in they tournament take place on Sunday, with the winner laying claim to the belt. Looking back over the years, vacated titles aren’t as rare as one would think. The WWE Championship has been vacated a total of 10 times (including Rollins) with Randy Orton being the biggest beneficiary, winning the vacant title on three separate occasions. The US Championship has been vacated the most of any of the titles, going unoccupied 20 different times over the years.

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