2016 NBA Draft Prospect: Furkan Korkmaz

Furkan Korkmaz is another “player on the rise” from Turkey, a country with a rapidly-developing basketball program at the national level. Turkey’s U16 (under age 16) and U18 (Under age 18) national teams have dominated European basketball in recent years. And their players, at least their best players, have received international recognition and the interest of NBA teams in the United States.

Turkey's Furkan Korkmaz

Turkey’s Furkan Korkmaz

One of the very best players to get attention in the Turkish national teams is Furkan Korkmaz.. This young man, who turned eighteen in July of this year, stands 6’6” tall and weighs one hundred seventy-five pounds. But, he is still growing and figures to add weight and muscle mass over the next few years as his body matures and develops.

Meanwhile, young Mr. Korkmaz is already a top-notch performer who “turns heads” and gets rave notices. He has been playing for a Turkish national team, Anadolu Efes, and, by every standard, he has been extremely productive.

There is little doubt that NBA scouts are already salivating over this teenager who won’t even be NBA draft eligible until 2019, four years from now. Of course, if he continues to excel and interest in him picks up, Furkan Korkmaz may, like so many others before him, decide to declare himself as a Draft Candidate for the NBA Draft, perhaps as early as next year.

He would probably be better off if he does not try to enter the NBA Draft for at least a couple of more years. The delay would enable him to develop physically while improving his game even more. But that decision is for a later date, several months from now.

Until then, Korkmaz can work on building his obvious strengths. These include his natural-born shooting ability, his knack for scoring in close or away from the basket; and his creativity which helps him to put points on the board in many different ways.

Korkmaz can also work on his ball-handling, a skill which is already a PLUS for this young man. Want more? This Turkish “star-in-the-making” has the kind of speed that leads to fast breaks and easy lay-ups and a height advantage that enables him to score over the heads of those who guard him.

Of course, all is not perfect for Furkan Korkmaz. He needs to work hard to improve his defensive skills. Right now, opposing players can post up on him and score easily. Worse yet, he doesn’t always contest a shot, leaving an opponent the room to set up and shoot without a hand in his face.

Korkmaz can improve his defense and very likely will begin doing it this year. And when his defense matches his offense and his weight and muscle mass increase, this young player will almost certainly become a First Round Draft Pick for some needy NBA basketball team.

image courtesy of eurocupbasketball.com

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