2016 NBA Draft Prospect: Grayson Allen

Ask any fan of the Duke Blue Devils, ask legendary Head Coach “K.” ask his teammates, as well and get the same answer. Grayson Allen, the team’s starting sophomore Point Guard, is a rising star. The Blue Devils, a perennial powerhouse in NCAA Men’s Basketball, are always a squad that is loaded with star players.

Duke's Grayson Allen

Duke’s Grayson Allen

The best high school basketball players want to perform for Coach K because his teams are always formidable, play on national TV frequently, and win national championships, something Duke University accomplished last year, in 2014.

So it was no surprise when Grayson Allen, an intelligent young man with superior athletic skills chose Duke University when he completed high school last year. He knew he would get an excellent education and a chance to showcase his athletic ability, as well. For his part, Coach K expected to get an outstanding Point Guard, a “floor general” and a team leader.

Both sides got what they wanted. Grayson Allen excelled as a freshman for the Blue Devils in the 2014-2015 Season. In fact, this 6’5” two hundred five pound scholar-athlete who just enjoyed his twentieth birthday was an All-ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) Academic Team selection and, perhaps more importantly, was selected to be on the 2014-2015 Final Four All-Tournament Team.

Those were impressive accomplishments for any player, especially one like Allen who was just a freshman. But they were not surprising. His background as a high school superstar practically assured what he would do “on the hardwood” for the Blue Devils.

The fact is that Grayson Allen played four years for Providence High School in Jacksonville, Florida. In that time, the high school produced an incredible Won-Loss record of 90-10.

Grayson Allen, the school’s Point Guard, was primarily responsible for that amazing dominance. He is a player who is always energetic on the floor; plays aggressively off-the-dribble so that he fearlessly drives to the basket, often for easy scores; and sports an excellent vertical leap which enables him to snare lots of rebounds, a real “bonus” when one realizes that he is a guard, not a forward or a center.

Grayson Allen was a McDonald’s All American in 2014, a high school graduate ready to excel at the college level. And that is exactly what he did. Now he is a developing player who has caught the eye of National Basketball Association (NBA) scouts.

He is still just a sophomore and will be draft-eligible in two years unless he decides to “go pro” earlier. Coach K and the school’s large fan base hope that Grayson Allen will remain with the Blue Devils until 2017.

If he does, it is reasonable to assume that this well-coached squad will contend for more national championships.

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