Advice: Do Not Interrupt Action Bronson On Stage


You Won’t Like Action Bronson When He’s Angry…

Queens emcee Action Bronson has built quite a reputation from his live shows. The rotund rapper has been known to spend most of his sets amongst the crowd, but when he is on the stage, he prefers to be alone. Just ask his two latest victims: A fan in Seattle and a security guard in Portland.

Action Bronson Fights Security, Tosses Fan

During a recent show in Seattle, a fan could not contain his excitement and decided to jump on stage while Bronson performed “Amadu Diablo.” Almost immediately, Bronson snatched the kid up and gave him a WWF-style body slam, as he is wont to do.

In Portland the following week, after sparking two joints (one for the crowd, one for himself), Bronson was accosted by venue security and promptly delivered a couple of thunderous shoves to his would-be assailant.

Moral of the story? Do not interrupt Action Bronson’s performance and/or public drug use. Videos below.

Bam Bam fights security in Portland-

Seattle fan gets body-slammed –

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Article by Jason Schellhardt

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