Rukkus Simplifies Live Entertainment Ticketing with New App

rukkus-app is a groundbreaking live entertainment service designed to put the entire world of live events ticketing into your pocket.

New York, NY – February 6, 2013 – NYC-based Rukkus has just launched a new app that is slated to change the way fans buy concert, sports, and theater tickets on their mobile devices. The days of dealing with hard-to-read captchas, clunky mobile websites, and lengthy checkout processes are officially over. By combining high technology with old school customer service, Rukkus is able to offer an extensive inventory of live events, all at the best prices.

As users browse the stunning interface and find events they like, Rukkus provides them with quick “2-tap purchasing” and a credit card scanner to reserve tickets in mere seconds. The user pays only the price displayed, guaranteed the lowest available, with no additional fees tacked on at the end (something live entertainment fans know about all too well). The endless searching and price checking that has plagued live entertainment fans since ticketing first hit the web can now be avoided.

Behind-the-scenes, the concierge service handles all of the leg-work. Rukkus is able to offer the best deals by searching every ticket source on the web, and comparing prices for every available ticket to a given event. The service provides personalization based on an individual’s interests and location, allowing them to track their favorite artists, performers, and teams. Additionally, users get recommendations to help them discover new performers and events.

“In my opinion, the average person doesn’t go to enough live events. We’d like to change that,” said Manick Bhan, CEO and founder of Rukkus. “The app is an essential discovery tool for seeing what’s happening in your hometown, or for anyone traveling to a new city and looking for something fun to do. Rukkus brings in social media and music for every performer to make discovery easy and fun. And because we’re live event fans too, every ticket in the app is guaranteed to be the best deal out there.”

Rukkus is currently available to download for free in the Apple App Store.

Key Features:
– Rukkus searches the web for all tickets and handpicks the best deals for every event.
– Upcoming events are based on a user’s personal taste and location.
– Checkout through quick 2-tap purchasing and state of the art credit card scanner.
– Discover new artists by streaming top tracks and interacting with their social media.
– Gain exclusive access to discounted tickets and giveaways.
– 100% free download
– No last minute hidden fees; the price displayed is the price paid. is a venture-backed start-up based in New York City that’s beginning to create waves in the entertainment industry.

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