Arcade Fire To Enforce Dress Code For Upcoming Tour

arcade fire 2014 tour dress code

Last week, we gave you all the Arcade Fire tour dates for next year. This week, the band continues to make headlines, even almost a month after their latest album came out. Contrary to the overwhelming praise surrounding the release, though, Arcade Fire have received a mixed response from their latest move—establishing a dress code for their upcoming 2014 tour dates.

Arcade Fire’s 2014 Tour Will Have a Dress Code

The unusual requirement (to our knowledge) lacks precedent in the live music world, but Arcade Fire have actually done this before at the “unadvertised show” they played in an empty warehouse in Brooklyn last month. Fans joined the band in formal dress or costumes for an exclusive two-night stint. That said, they aren’t playing a warehouse in Bushwick anymore; they’re playing arenas filled with 20,000 people.

While the image of thousands of people singing “Wake Up” in formal attire is decidedly awesome, the strange request does raise the question of whether Arcade Fire is right to ask this of their fans. Time will tell whether the dress code is enforced as you enter the venue (which is doubtful), or whether you’ll just get a look of deep disapproval from Win Butler (which sounds oddly terrifying).

Is Arcade Fire just having a good time, or is the request absurd? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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