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Arcade Fire Promotes “Reflektor” Via Mysterious Cryptogram

Have you seen it? This mysterious symbol is popping up around the globe. It’s scribbled in chalk on city streets, pasted in quiet alleyways, and plastered on billboards, like some strange cryptogram waiting to be solved. After weeks of unexplained appearances, details behind the subliminal messages are finally surfacing…and no it isn’t aliens (we think).

Instead, this “Picture of the Week” signals a major artist rising from their slumber, and if you look closely, you’ll see the letters create the word “Reflektor.” Still confused? Well, a little internet sleuthing reveals that the puzzle pieces signal a worldwide event, arriving this Monday (9/9) at 9:00PM, curated by none other than Arcade Fire. Amid the murky details, at least it’s certain they’re releasing music (and inevitably, touring) for the first time since they put out Grammy Album of the Year winner, The Suburbs, in 2010.

One can only speculate as to what the celebrated band have in store, but here’s what we know so far: Arcade Fire are releasing a new album, likely titled “Reflektor,” on October 29th (information they leaked via a rare tweet). A popular theory states they’re releasing a single this Monday, which would all be well and good, but something tells me there could be more to the story, especially considering the cryptic message in a recent teaser trailer that reads “9:30 Newfoundland.” This is in reference to the unusual time zone, which puts the Canadian island ahead of other places, but is the band just being considerate, or do they have something really special planned?

Whatever it is, they seem to want us all experiencing it at the same time, and that’s a pretty rare notion nowadays. We live in the age of rampant internet music leaks and premature album reviews, where everyone experiences things on their own time. Mostly, consumers will read a critics review on a piece of music even before they hear it themselves. Arcade Fire, the wistful group they are, strive to bring their fans together in a shared experience, and they’re making sure that at 9 PM this Monday, everyone will be hearing their music for the first time.

It’s a nostalgic idea, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less compelling. In fact, other artists should take note of Arcade Fire’s brilliant guerrilla marketing campaign. There’s a certain romance in stumbling across a peculiar design and figuring out what it means on your own. All across the world, the “Reflektor” symbols sparked curiosity until pictures of them went viral. People actually wanted to know what they were, instead of being told by ad copy.

The idea set forth by Arcade Fire now bypasses languages, and reminds us that when all else fails, music brings people together. It’s universal. Now they have our attention, and on Monday night, the world will be all ears.

Until then, here’s something to hold you over:

Article by Nicolas White

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