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Haim demand attention before debut release

Our latest “Artist to Watch” might deserve more than just a watchful eye. Instead, they should demand your full attention, because Haim is about to be everywhere you look. This talented and playful trio is composed of three ladies; sisters, in fact. Their style draws mostly from classic rock, Motown, 80’s and contemporary pop, but mixes R&B into its rhythm and vocals.You’ll hear Stevie Nicks’ influence (they even covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Hold Me”); recognize Prince at times; hear The Eagles at other times; and they dabble with a host of sounds from other, big-name influences. They’re genre-defiant.

On some songs for their anticipated debut LP – Days Are Gone – they chant and rant with rapid-fire lyrics and very catchy choruses. On every song, the drums reign supreme, and every band member bangs on a drum of some kind throughout their sets. Impressively, Alana, Este, and Danielle play a diverse arsenal of instruments, so you’ll see them switching it up in the middle of songs, while they all get down on the vocals.

After touring collectively with Mumford & Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Rihanna – Danielle (lead guitarist and vocals) joined Cee-Lo Green and The Strokes, as well – they are poised to be 2013‘s most celebrated band to never have actually released an LP (though their EP, Forever, is out). They’ve come quite far with a well-honed and critically acclaimed stage act, offstage charisma, and links to many music industry giants.

They’re touring Europe throughout August, returning to North America through September and October, and capping off the year by joining Phoenix on tour in Europe through the end of November. Be sure to grab their debut, out September 30th.

Singles reviews / notes:

The Wire spans genres, and explores the discomfort of break-ups (backed by a ridiculous video featuring Lonely Island comedian, Jorma Taccone). Deep bass, funky beats, and cool harmonies make this an instant pop classic.

Don’t Save Me actually reminds me of Britney Spears because the music video shows the ladies of Haim jumping around (playing basketball with a bunch of big dudes) in a high school gym. The song features a rapid, rhythmic drum beat, synthesized guitar and keys, and a cutesy crackling sound after every “Baby!” and “Don’t save me!” I can easily imagine this song being played in dance clubs. Prepare yourself, a lot of DJs will remix this to no end.

Falling draws from more contemporary bands like Mumford & Sons and MGMT, while the video itself looks like it took a page from Wilson Phillips’s playbook. It displays their whimsical nature; it looks like they were unleashed in Wonderland and told to survive. They’re also playing up their hippy-ish, Alanis Morissette style sex appeal – with long legs, tight clothing, and a sultry gaze (particularly from the outgoing Este, the eldest of the siblings).

Their video for Forever looks more like a hip-hop and R&B video, actually. Check it out, below.

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Article by Phillip Thompson


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