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Sam Smith Stuns With Mesmerizing Voice; Plans Debut

It’s pretty rare for someone to have the power to move listeners with their voice alone. With all the lavish production in music today, it’s easy to get lost. Strip away all the layers and many artists fall flat. That’s why when you hear a voice like Sam Smith’s, you don’t forget it, and even on tracks without the aid of flashy production, his voice prevails.
The breakout singer from the U.K., and our latest “Artist to Watch,” flips a switch and seamlessly transitions his vocals from deeply affecting to glass-shattering. For the most part, though, he shows a little English reserve and prefers to flow over dance grooves, making it all the more stirring when he finally lets loose.
Take “Latch,” for example, the hit that Disclosure (former Artist to Watch, now grown-up) produced that put Smith on the map; he displays great instinct in allowing tension to grow… and then the chorus hits. It’s one of those “I’ll sing in my car, and I don’t care who hears me” moments (you know what I mean?).

Since earning the public ear with a few guest features, Sam Smith now sets his sights on his solo career and his anticipated debut EP is set to drop on October 7th. Smith said in a recent statement: “Ladies and gentlemen…I’ve been experimenting with different sounds and producers in preparation for my record. I have loved the process so much that I have decided to release an EP…to show you what I’ve been trying out. ‘Safe With Me’ is the first song on the EP”

All signs point to the EP being a precursor to a full-length effort, but until then, let’s savor what we have in “Safe With Me.” It’s trippy production immerses you in a warbling beat, while Smith adds crisp vocals that distort as he goes along.

With potential like Smith’s, it’ll be interesting to see what direction he goes in, because he really could be successful in most genres, including “Top 40” pop. If his current catalog and the above quote are any indication, though, he seems to be experimenting a bit with dance-infused R&B, and that’s fine by us. I’m happy to wait patiently in line as Sam Smith works on more material; maybe I’ll save you a spot.

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Article by Nicolas White 

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