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The era of predictable bubblegum-pink pop stars in the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera has come to a close. Today, a new generation of pop songstresses is emerging armed with more complex beats and originality laced in their angsty, indie-gothic melodies. Leading the army is 21 year old British singer-songwriter Charlotte Emma Aitchison, better known as her stage name Charli XCX. After the release of her second album, True Romance, in April 2013, this artist has been growing in popularity at an exponential speed.

Charli XCX Ushers In a New Breed of Pop Star

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Charlotte Aitchison first gained notoriety in the underground rave scene in England as a teenager combining traditional dance music with her deep, melodic voice. This isn’t surprising, as her music is a mix of eclectic sounds, or synth-pop reminiscent of 80s tunes with indie, gothic, hip-hop, and electronica undertones. Not only does she write and perform her own songs, but she also DJs and frequently collaborates with other pop stars to create catchy smash hits (ever heard of Swedish duo Icona Pop’s “I Love It”?) Her breakthrough hit is undoubtedly the hypnotic “You (Ha Ha Ha),” in which she samples Gold Panda’s “You” and takes it to a whole new level with her hauntingly beautiful voice.

Charli XCX has already shared the stage with many globally renowned superstars; in the past two years, she has toured with Coldplay, Santigold, Ellie Goulding, and most recently, Paramore. The goth-pop princess also frequents venues with her contemporaries, Sky Ferreira and Marina and the Diamonds. She recently released a duet with the latter, titled “Just Desserts,” found on Marina’s YouTube Channel.

Her background with the rave scene is apparent during her live shows; Charli’s energy and upbeat ambiance prove she’s a natural performer.  Almost any type of concertgoer – from people just looking to party to others that appreciate unique harmonies and extraordinary musicianship – will love seeing her in concert.

Currently, Charli XCX is working on her third studio album, set to release next June. She teased eager fans with the release of the music video for her first single off the anticipated EP, a funky dance track labeled “SuperLove.” After the release of her next album, she will grace us with her quirky, hyper presence as she tours to promote the new release. Although June is several months away, fans can get their Charli XCX fix from this year’s True Romance and its predecessor, You’re the One.

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Article by Pauline Pechakjian

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