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Chvrches is on fire with no intention of being put out. The synthpop trio from Glasgow, Scotland has hit the road with ambition and determination, taking the year 2013 as their own. The group wrapped up the first leg of their U.S. tour with a performance on David Letterman on December 9th, but it didn’t take them long to release a new set of tour dates for 2014 shortly after.

CHVRCHES: A Year in Review

Chvrches exploded onto the scene as they opened for Depeche Mode this past summer in Milan for a crowd of 60,000. The band then continued on to their U.S. tour, which included support from several bigger bands, including a date at Deck the Hall Ball in Seattle alongside pop star Lorde, and alt-rock stars Arctic Monkeys and Phoenix, furthering their exposure. It seems that with every tour and festival they participate in, the more recognition they received.

Keep in mind, their EP Recover was only released in March of 2013 and they wasted no time in dropping their LP, The Bones of What You Believe, last September, a record that peaked at number 12 on the U.S. charts. Not only did Chvrches manage to release an EP and full-length album in the same year, but they also accomplished all the recording and producing themselves.

What makes Chvrches a distinguishable and notable band is their ability to re-invent the use of ’80s drum kits and airy vocals. With so many bands emerging in this genre, it’s hard to distinguish which electro-pop band is worth listening to, yet Chvrches efficiently layer vocals and synth lines with consistent catchy BPM loops that capture the listener. And if the music itself isn’t enough to bring you in, I suggest seeing them live.

Chvrches isn’t the most “lively” band per se, but they contain a level of attraction that is absolutely mesmerizing. Singer Lauren Mayberry’s calm demeanor allows for the audience to get sucked into her vocals and lost in the music. They have the ability to take the endless possibilities of electronic music and mix it with the strength and catchiness of pop music in a very effective way.

The band also communicates with the audience in a personal and comfortable manner, almost as if you’re hanging out with some friends instead of watching a show. Throughout their set, they transition between the use of pre-recorded samples, synths, and live guitar and bass. The frequent change-up of instruments not only keeps the audience’s attention, but also shows the level of skill and diversity the band has.

After playing a few small shows in New York, Chvrches heads back to the UK, Australia, Japan and New Zealand for winter festivals. If you missed them this round, no worries, they’ll be on tour until the summer of 2014, with a bunch of U.S. stops. Of course, they’ve left some room for the American festival circuit, as well, but we’ll have to leave that to speculation for now.

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Article by Jess Keller

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