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Cut Copy Free Your Mind Artist of the Week

There is a common misconception that electronic dance music lacks the significant meanings and ideas that other popular genres of music liberate their listeners with. The technological sounds of synthesizers and drum machines often distract those with unwelcoming ears from the true meaning of the music, filling their heads with wrongful judgment. I can’t lie; I was once one of these people, however, one group has altered my opinions of the genre: Melbourne, Australia’s synthpop dance outfit, and Artist of the Week, Cut Copy.

Melbourne’s Cut Copy Create Nostalgic Dance-Pop, ‘Free Your Mind’

It has been twelve years since Cut Copy emerged as the solo project of Melbourne native Dan Whitford. Since then, Whitford has added three members to the band (Tim Hoey, Mitchell Scott, and Ben Browning), released three albums, received two nominations for Australian Album of the Year, one Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electro Album of the Year, and toured internationally with such established acts as Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, and Daft Punk.

These accomplishments, alongside the clean polished sound of their music, contribute to the résumé of a band that shows no sign of slowing down on their path to mass popularity and success. Now with the release of a new album, Cut Copy looks to solidify their status as an electro-dance powerhouse.

Cut Copy’s brand new album, Free Your Mind, offers listeners a nostalgic trip to the club sounds of the early 90’s dance scene. Their pop-rock songwriting style fuses beautifully with the synthetic sounds of electronic dance, creating infectious indie-tronica jams, whose melody you’ll be whistling long after the song is done. While their music is bound to get people moving, the lyricism of the album also promotes a message that is dramatically overlooked in modern society; it is one that focuses on free spirit and simplicity, in a world that continuously grows more and more fast-paced.

The presence of this message is noticeable in several songs. In the albums title-track, Whitford attacks the over-thinkers of the world, encouraging impulse actions over the predetermined nature of society. He sings in an expressive croon, “Free your mind, you gotta reach the sky if you want your life to shine”. In one of the albums more transcendental numbers “Take Me Higher,” Whitford preaches, “Forget about the world around us/those prophets have you giving up,” aiming fire at the expectations and the pressure society often holds on us.

With such upbeat, fun-loving melodies, Cut Copy’s fourth project has all the power to make people jump, sway and scream. However, a strong message can be found behind such uplifting sounds for those who listen just a little bit closer; one that is both important and relatable to any breathing member of society. Through the collaboration of this upbeat indie-electro sound and instructional aphoristic lyricism, Free Your Mind provides a completely unique electric dance experience.

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Article by Adam Lalama

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