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gogol bordello

Gogol Bordello at Rock The Skyline in Brooklyn. Photo Credit: Dana Distortion.

Gogol Bordello Fuse Gypsy and Punk To Form Unparalleled Sound Gogol Bordello is a band that, despite an impressive following, could have easily become a novelty. After all, how many gypsy-punk songs can a band compose before they begin to sound overly similar? Certainly more than six, it appears. In July, Gogol Bordello released their most recent album, Pura Vida Conspiracy, and proved that they will continue to remain one of the most exciting punk bands around. Pura Vida Conspiracy, the band’s answer to 2010’s Trans-Continental Hustle, was released to mostly critical acclaim in July and featured the group’s distinctive high-energy songs. Eugene Hutz’s voice, which serves as a standout feature of the band, enriches songs such as “Hieroglyph,” “My Gypsy Auto Pilot” and “Lost Innocent World.” Gogol Bordello’s latest offering transports listeners to the traditional Romani music world. It’s a style of music seldom heard, but the group continues to master the union of punk and gypsy genres. On “Dig Deep Enough,” Hutz emphasizes an alliance between Gogol Bordello and their fans. Based on how the listener chooses to interpret Gogol Bordello’s lyrics, the song can also be construed as one of assurance: “We who seek long enough, dig deep enough, find a diamond in the rough one day.” gogol bordello In “Malandrino,” a tune heavily infused with Latin tones, mariachi instruments augment the tale of a man “born with a singing heart.” The song seems to open slowly before entering into a stage of apparent country-swing. In typical Gogol Bordello fashion, however, the punk sound soon appears and turns “Malandrino” into an addictive tune. Fans of Gogol Bordello have come to expect intensity not only on the record, but also in live shows. Unlike many bands whose albums demonstrate a magic their live performances lack, Gogol Bordello is known to be just as good live as they are in the studio. Concertgoers frequently leave their shows amazed at the energy Gogol Bordello conveys in their songs and inevitably attend their performances time and again. Perhaps most admirably in the band’s shows are the strong connections they attempt to establish with the audience. The venues hosting Gogol Bordello often become a hub of unanimity. If concert attendees are expecting a genuine punk rock show, full of contagious vigor and passion, Gogol Bordello is the band to see.

Oct. 13 – Los Angeles, CA – Fonda Theatre Oct. 8 – Los Angeles, CA – Fonda Theatre Oct. 9 – Los Angeles, CA – Fonda Theatre Oct. 11 – Pomona, CA – Fox Theater Oct. 12 – Las Vegas, NV – Boulevard Pool – The Cosmopolitan Dec. 30 – New York, NY – Terminal Five Dec. 31 – New York, NY – Terminal Five

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Article by Kristen Gilmartin

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