Artist of the Week – Local Natives

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Local Natives are Touring with Kings of Leon. Get Ready.

Another indie rock band from LA? Well the answer is yes, but don’t turn your back on this band quite yet. Local Natives is a mellow rock band out of the hipster capitol of Los Angeles, Silver Lake. So what makes them so different than any other band trying to make it? You have to listen to understand. These guys gather sonic influence from surf rock and folk, creating a capturing and desirable sound.

Artist of the Week – Local Natives

Local Natives have pulled inspiration from several genres to produce their own sound. They have a mix of listenable distortion and haunting and airy vocals. Harmonies are also frequent in their songs, sometimes matched by guitar instead of additional vocals. This is mixed with syncopated, yet simple drum lines and enchanting guitar riffs. Their songs often end with a soft lingering, leaving you wanting more.

Local Natives manage to evoke emotions in you that you didn’t even know you had. While some of the songs tug at your heartstrings, others have a unique melodic quality that leave you gently swaying in your seat. The most powerful aspect of their music is the way they gently ease you into a song and slowly intensify it. Soon, you are in a whirlwind of harmonies, rhythmic guitar, and busy drums only to be let down quickly yet lightly.

Their most recent album, Hummingbird was released in Winter 2013. This album is one you want to listen to laying on the floor with the lights dimmed. All music and art is fully collaborative between the band members, as each member plays multiple instruments in different songs. Their first album Gorilla Manor landed at number 3 on the New Artist Billboard chart.

In March and April they will be on their U.S. tour with Kings of Leon. It’s is a perfect match, as fans of Kings will surely take to Local Natives. Listeners of Florence and the Machine and Fleet Foxes will also enjoy them. If you are looking for a mix of passion, talent, and musical ease, this is the band for you.

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Noteworthy Concerts:

Wed APR 9, 7PM – Stubbs Restaurant – Austin,TX: 

Wed APR 16, 7PM – State Theatre – New Brunswick,NJ: 

Sat APR 26, 8PM – Ogden Theatre – Denver,CO: 

Don’t miss Local Natives next time they’re in town!

Article by Jess Keller

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