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Turn on the nearest radio, or inspect any top music chart. You’ll instantly be bombarded by a series of synthy beats, once only heard within earshot of underground nightclubs. Whether you call it EDM, house, or electronica, everybody in the music industry desperately wants a piece of the craze that brings thousands together across America with one intention—to dance.

Chances are, your favorite (or least favorite) pop star has at least one recent single set to a pounding techno beat. There’s something undeniably infectious about dance music, but where did this craze begin? Our latest “artist to watch,” Disclosure, asked themselves this exact question, and answered with incredible results in the form of their debut LP, Settle.
Disclosure is made up of Guy and Howard Lawrence, two brothers from the UK with a robust musical upbringing, and an uncanny knack for producing hits. Guy and Howard, aged at just 22 and 19, respectively, were born at a time when dance music flourished in the UK, specifically the “garage” sound that the duo has revitalized so adeptly.

The aforementioned underground nightclubs, or the dark, sweaty raves that inspired the scene were certainly not a place for infants, so it’s easy to assume the Lawrence brothers compiled a record collection as grimy and loud as the movement itself. Of course, in this case “grime” is a good thing. It’s what makes you bite your lip as you nod your head to Disclosure’s driving rhythms. In fact, it’s the edge that’s been missing from the set lists of America’s dance music scene.

Settle is an album rife with notable collaborations, and the abundance of great vocal hooks is what really separates Disclosure from the rest of the pack. On their lead single, “Latch,” Sam Smith adds smooth, heartfelt lyrics to a club-ready beat. In a genre where “drops” (that moment when the bass kicks in) are the lifeblood, Disclosure show impeccable instincts, like on “White Noise,” where AlunaGeorge contribute vocals to a hook that would make Calvin Harris green with envy. Other highlights include the windowpane rattling “When a Fire Starts to Burn,” 80’s groove “Help Me Lose My Mind,” and “F For You,” where the Lawrence brothers feature their own vocals.

Sometimes, when a music genre floats off into orbit, an artist needs to come along and ground it. Disclosure has done just that by bringing dance music back to it’s raw and natural roots. Be sure to catch them when they embark on a world tour starting this summer.

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Article by Nicolas White

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