JoinTheRukkus 2013: A Look at Some of Our Most Memorable Articles

It’s been a fun year (well, half a year) at JoinTheRukkus. Since the blog officially began last June, we’ve shared the best that live music has to offer and examined the state of music through every point of view imaginable—from the madness of the front-row to the farthest reaches of the nosebleeds. As a team, we’ve scoured the beer-soaked floors of bars, waded through crowds at festivals, and jotted notes while others danced around us at clubs, all in the hopes of providing a snapshot into the various environments of live music across the nation. Hopefully, you’ve had as much fun as we’ve had.

The Year in Live Music: 2013

As we look forward to the endless possibilities that the new year brings, it’s always nice to glance back in the rear-view mirror, and revisit the posts that made 2013 a year unlike any other. With that, here’s to another year of concert-going (resolution: bring earplugs). Happy reading…

10. “Houndmouth Says Good-Bye to Maxwell’s”


Allow us to get a little nostalgic; our first-ever post was on a version of the blog that looked a bit different, but it still set everything you see today into motion. Coincidentally, the blog began by commemorating the end of an era in live music, with the closing of the alternative music staple Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.

Read it here.

9. “Analyzing the Rise in Record Sales”

record store day black friday

Before you get too excited, the title of this piece refers to the sale of vinyl records, not records in general; the latter is still in the tubes. LPs have made an amazing comeback, however, causing all those who sold their collections in favor of shiny new CDs to cry themselves to sleep every night.

Read it here.

8. “Music Overkill: How Music Marketing Campaigns are Killing the Fan Experience”


2013 was the year when fans found themselves collectively shouting: “Enough already!” Record labels now invest a fortune in marketing campaigns, and it’s ruining the delicate mystique of the fan experience.

Read it here.

7. “Neil Young Reminisces With Live at The Cellar Door”

neil young live

Music possesses the ability to transport the listener to another time; this piece takes a look at how Neil Young was able to bring us all back the famous “Cellar Door” in the early 70s. With this transcendent recording, Neil plays “with the fervor of a young poet,” rather than the cacophony of the “Godfather of Grunge” that we know and love today.

Read it here.

6. Concert Etiquette

James Blunt

Ah, concert ettiquette—a set of unspoken rules that are all-too-often forgotten in this day and age; this article simply scratches the surface. As the photo above would have it, we live in a world where even the sanctity of live music must be filtered through a tiny glowing screen.

Read it here. 

5. “Band Throwdown: Haim vs. Los Campesinos!”

A post so diabolical, it drove Los Campesinos! mad. Readers beware.

Read it here.

4. “An Unexpected Show: Rodriguez at Radio City”

Rodriguez Radio City New York City

The process of acquiring tickets to see Rodriguez at Radio City Music Hall turned out to be as unexpected an experience as the show itself. Against all odds, the legendary folk singer performed a triumphant show in NYC, and fate just wouldn’t allow us to miss it.

Read it here.

3. “A Walk on the Other Side”

Lou Reed Velvet Underground

Lou Reed’s recent passing leaves a seemingly endless void in the world of music, that is, until you look at how important his influence remains. In a strange way, it’s a reminder that Reed will never really be gone.

Read it here. 

2. “From The Stage: Bryan McPherson”

Bryan McPherson

In 2013, being a full-time musician is equivalent to being a traveling gypsy, just ask folk-rock troubadour Bryan McPherson. Have a glance into his world of endless back-roads, sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots, and the view from the stage that makes it all worthwhile.

Read it here. 

1. “Concert Dancing Styles…Which One Are You?”

Fans_1 (1)

We’ll top-off the year with a bit of humor—a run-down of every “concert dancing style” imaginable. It’s a post that’s so true-to-life, it deserves a spot in an encyclopedia of concerts (if such a thing were to exist). Perhaps, 2014 will be the year that we make one.

Read it here. 

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