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best venues park slope brooklyn

Best Music Venues in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Greetings slopers! Put down your designer coffees, curb your strollers, and check out the best music venues in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Now, to be fair, two of my picks are technically a teeny tiny bit west of 4th Avenue, which is the neighborhood dividing line, but hey, just go with it.

Top 5 Music Venues in Park Slope, Brooklyn

1. Union Hall

union hall park slope brooklyn

You know how you get these cravings to play bocce ball in the dead of winter? Prepare to be satiated. Union Hall is not only an awesome venue featuring amazing music, stand-up comedy, and Hall & Oates cover bands – it also has full-size bocce courts! Get there early though, because the signup sheet for bocce fills up quick.

2. Barbes

barbes brooklyn park slope

Photo Credit: Dean Olsher

Impress your guests by taking them to this cozy French venue. The music is in the back and they usually get fantastic worldly bands to play. I can clearly remember having the BEST time dancing crazy to driving Ethiopian music and downing cocktail after cocktail…then I don’t remember much.

3. Beauty Bar

beauty bar park slope

Only this rock-a-billy-esque venue provides unique cocktails, live music, and manicures. It’s a beauty shop, it’s a bar, and sometimes it’s even a music venue. Go here for the experience of going here.

4. Littlefield

littlefield brooklyn best venues

Photo Credit: Eric Michael Pearson

Littlefield is a great intimate venue on Degraw between 4th and 3rd. I saw Dustin O’Halloran perform here with a string quartet surrounded by pale white Christmas lights. It’s a beautiful space that welcomes truly distinctive musical acts.

5. The Bell House

bell house brooklyn best venues

Image Courtesy of TrivWorks

The Bell House has a nice bar in the front and a medium-sized stage in the back (also with a bar). This place is exceptionally curated, with everything from a Yo La Tango show one night to an NPR game show another night. It’s got something for everyone.

Article by Jade Shames

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