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best venues Williamsburg

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How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb? That I can’t say. But what I can tell you is that if you can look past the playfully ironic mustaches, the pretentious cheese shops, and the non-prescription glasses, Williamsburg is actually an extraordinary place for live music. So, if you’re fortunate enough to live there, or if you’re just crashing on your friend’s couch while she performs Bikram yoga moves and makes her own gold – these are the top five venues to check out.

Top 5 Music Venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1. Pete’s Candy Store

best music venue williamsburg

Pete’s Candy Store is the perfect place for a low-key night. The bar is separated into three sections: the main bar/food area, the venue, and the backyard. While in the bar area, you can munch on a turkey sandwich and guzzle a PBR without disturbing the music area, which is separated by a nearly soundproof door. In the venue (a converted train car) you can sit and appreciate singer-songwriter types, or people jamming on their homemade instruments. It’s intimate, versatile, and there’s live music nearly every night.

2. Glasslands

best music venue williamsburg

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This venue makes your night into a dice roll. The assortment of acts at Glasslands is extensive (from post-punk to house to lo-fi). The beer is cheap, and the atmosphere is pleasantly artistic.

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3. Trash Bar

best music venue williamsburg

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As the name implies, this venue is best when already drunk. The bands are generally loud and the dancing area packed. Go to Trash Bar if you feel like meeting someone new, because chances are, you’re going to have to talk and dance very close to one another.

4. Public Assembly

best music venue williamsburg
This place is a personal favorite. They always have great bands. The soundboard doesn’t suck. And the events here are consistently pushing the envelope. Go to Public Assembly if you’re interested in the arts and you want to hear a great band. They usually have some cool music/strange things going on.

5. Music Hall of Williamsburg

best music venue williamsburg

Unlike the others I’ve mentioned, this is purely a venue and not a venue/bar. Go here to hear bigger name acts. But what’s great about the Music Hall of Williamsburg is that although it’s larger than the rest, it still has a Brooklyn-esque intimacy thing going on. I recommend either pushing your way to the stage in the pit area or hanging out near the bar on the balcony.

Article by Jade Shames

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