Watch: Billy Joel Forgets the Lyrics To ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’

So, apparently Billy Joel is not a big fan of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” At a recent concert in Toronto, Joel flubbed the lyrics to the song and brought the performance to a halt. After stopping his band, the Piano Man lamented the song’s rapid-fire lyrics.

Billy Joel Trashes ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’

”That ain’t right. All you gotta do is fuck up one word in that song and it’s a train wreck,” Billy said.

The candor continued as Joel tore into his own songwriting. ”It’s the same thing verse after verse,” he said. “Just the words change. ‘Na na na-na, na-na na,’ it’s one of the worst melodies I ever wrote.”

It is kind of refreshing to hear an artist of Joel’s stature speak so candidly. He did manage to finish the massively popular song, though he obviously would have preferred to move on. See the full video below.

Article by Jason Schellhardt

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