Body Parts Finish Out Residency at The Satellite in L.A.

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If you wanted to see live music from an up-and-coming band in L.A. the past few weeks, Body Parts’ residency at The Satellite was the place to be. Even for the crowd of hipster The Satellite usually attracts, everyone was getting down and letting loose during the duo’s set on Monday night.

Body Parts Impress at The Satellite in Los Angeles

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Backed by a bassist, keyboardist, special guest bongo and saxophone players, and a skilled drummer whose creative fills were hard toignore, Body Parts were well-rehearsed and ready to please. So rehearsed in fact, that they had choreographed dance moves in between songs to prove it. It wasn’t too flashy, and had just the right amount of “edge” to keep it interesting and set the duo apart from the pack.

After hearing “Desperation” on KROQ’s “Locals Only” segment a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to check out the funky synth and bass duet first-hand. Their live show is completely elevated from the recordings and it was hard not to keep my head bobbing on the large dance floor of The Satellite in Silver Lake.

One of the aspects I enjoyed most about the performance were the precise, always-on-point harmonies between Ryder Bach and Alina Cutrono. Their voices are a match made in vocal heaven, and they compliment each other with ease. Bach’s range is rivaled by frontman Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, with an added twinge of Tears for Fears in his vocals.

Body Parts played a refreshing performance, aside from the fact that they rarely talked with the audience. But who’s really there to hear about their day? (although, Bach did elaborate on the importance of drinking enough water and how the end of November was indeed approaching at one point during their set). Nevertheless, the lack of conversation only showed they were there to put on a show, and a great one at that.

It’s a special treat to see these guys in person because the live versions of their tracks are a lot more jazzy, sprinkled with drum fills and instrumentals transitioning flawlessly between tracks. You can tell they’ve experimented with their sound and are totally comfortable with changing it up. Some standout tracks from the show were “Be a God,” “Past is Coming,” and “Unavoidable Things.”

With the end of this residency, Body Partshave established themselves nicely in their hometown; now, they set their sights beyond L.A.

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Article by Amanda Erwin

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