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The Boston Bruins will be looking to advance to the NHL playoffs in the 2015-2016 season after falling just short last year. The Bruins ended the season as the ninth seed in the eastern conference and were just two points short of the Pittsburgh Penguins for the final playoff spot.
The Boston Bruins schedule begins with a three game home stand against playoff teams Winnipeg, Montreal, and Tampa Bay. They could potentially start 0-3 before their first road game. Boston opens up on the road in Colorado and road games is something they need to focus on this upcoming season. The Bruins were stellar at home last year but their 17-17 road record was enough to keep them out of the playoffs. They must bring the energy away from Boston in order to get into the playoffs. After the opening three game home stand, the Bruins month of October gets significantly easier. November will test their road mentality as they have a three game road trip against Washington, Montreal, and the New York Islanders; three teams the Bruins are looking to catch in the standings. They also have two important games against Detroit at the end of November. Detroit finished just two wins and four points ahead of the Bruins a year ago.

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Overall, the Boston Bruins schedule is on the difficult side. They have games against potential playoff teams all throughout the season. They do not have a chance to catch their breath during an easy streak which most teams have at some point during the season. The Bruins schedule requires consistent play all year and we will find out if they are capable of doing so. The Bruins do have the potential to reach the postseason but it is hard to see which team they may pass in the standings. It could all come down to their last five games in which they face Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Ottawa, and Carolina. Carolina is the only team in that group that should be very beatable. The Bruins may have to pick up a couple of upsets late in the season to make it into the playoffs. One thing they do have in their favor is that all of the last three contests will be held in Boston. The downfall is that 8 of the 9 prior games will be on the road. That road trip will be crucial to Boston’s season and they will need a winning record on the road this year to go along with their strong home play. The Boston Bruins are a team knocking on the door of the playoffs but their 2015-2016 schedule could make things challenging for them to get in.
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