Watch: Broken Bells Perform ‘Control’ on ‘Conan’

Surprisingly, Conan O’Brien was the only Los Angeles-based late night host to take advantage of all the Coachella bands hanging around this week (we’re looking at you, Kimmel). Last night, Conan welcomed Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s project, Broken Bells. The band performed the song “Control” from the album¬†After The Disco.

Broken Bells Phone It In on Conan

For whatever reason, this performance felt like the equivalent of band rehearsal with fancier lighting. Despite a very cool stage set, and a good song to work with, the entire band seemed pretty disinterested in the performance. Perhaps their long tour has made Mercer and Danger Mouse grow weary of this side-project? You be the judge. Watch the video below.


Article by Jason Schellhardt

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