Carnival Cruise Lines Announces Carnival Live Concerts


Well, it’s official—live music has gone out to sea. As music festivals and concerts are popping up in every facet of the U.S., the next logical progression seems to be transferring the live music experience to the open water. Seeing as Rukkus covers all things live music, we (naturally) were invited to cover the announcement today at The Cutting Room in NYC. With that, it’s safe to say this is the latest iteration of live music; get your sea-legs ready.

Carnival Live Concert Series

The live music scene has made it’s way over to cruise ships in the past couple years, most notably with the S.S. Coachella (“A Music Festival at Sea”) in 2012, and this year’s recent Holy Ship!!! electronic music festival in Miami. Now, Carnival Cruise Lines looks to cut into the fold with a brand new concert series taking place on their cruises. Details for the water-based festival are still trickling in (mind the pun), but we’ve been given an inside-look at the preliminary lineup. Fans should expect an all-inclusive getaway as with any other cruise, only now with much more music.

Carnival Live will occur with different “acts,” the first of which includes select house bands from across the U.S., and the 2nd will include a slew of household names (listed below). This will include intimate settings, ranging around $20-40 per show, as well as a VIP option that promises front-row seats, and meet and greets.

The arrival of Acts 3, 4 and 5 will follow, totaling for 49 concerts in 2014.

Carnival Live Act 2 Artists:

Jennifer Hudson
Lady Antebellum
Gavin DeGraw
REO Speedwagon
Trace Atkins
Leann Rhymes
.38 Special
Martina McBride

Check back for more updates on the developing story, and take a look at the Carnival Cruise twitter and website.

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