College Footbal Stadium Review: Carter Finley Stadium

If you are a North Carolina Wolfpack student, alumni, or fan then you are well familiar with the electric atmosphere and environment inside Carter Finley Stadium on college game days. Built in 1966, the stadium fits in a very respectable 57,583 fans when filled to capacity. It is interesting to note that this region of the country is most known for its basketball, with Duke and North Carolina being just up the road, but NC State has worked hard in recent years to resurrect a football presence. They have demonstrated this through continual upgrades to Carter Finley Stadium, and those efforts have been rewarded through a resurgence in fan support.

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It is noted that, while NC State may not necessarily for a BCS Championship year in and year out, the atmosphere inside the stadium on game days is truly electric. It is rather common for Wolfpack fans to show up around the stadium extremely early, and they will stay late after the game has already ended. Well before the player even arrive for their warm-up, one will find the parking lot full with tents, grills, and other equipment designed to make for a spectacular tailgating experience. A suggestion for first time visitors is to come early and join the festivities, and at the same time ensure you find a parking space! Another great feature is, remember you are in the South, and that Southern Hospitality will likely mean that someone will invite you to join him or her, unless you are wearing the opposing teams jersey that is.

The stadium itself is of the older variety, with most seats being of a metal bench variety, so keep that in mind. By all accounts, however, you will not be using it much anywhere as the fans inside Carter Finley Stadium are known to stay rather active and involved throughout the game. The atmosphere itself is the same throughout the stadium, so it really does not matter where you choose to actually sit. The stadium has great site lines throughout, and if you do have a difficult seeing the action, there is always the relatively new 2,660 square foot video board to help you see important replays.

This stadium is actually built off campus, but the neighborhood around it still has a great deal to offer.  While it was originally out by itself, the city of Raleigh has grown up around it to the point that there is now a variety of options right within the surrounding area, including a whole host of eating and dining establishment to help enhance the fan experience. Speaking of the fans, the Wolfpack football fans are a class act, and they are rewriting the stereotype that people in Raleigh are only interested in basketball. Many fans are vocal the entire game, win or lose, and they serve to really enhance the overall atmosphere in the facility. All in all, this stadium is easily accessible just off I-40, is right in the heart of the Research Triangle Institute, and is an exciting place to watch football.
Graphic via wikipedia

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