Cheap Astros vs Tampa Bay Rays Tickets

With the Astros holding on to their 1st place position in the AL West, the lowly Tampa Bay Rays will surely give the Astros the opportunity to stretch that lead in the division. There are plenty of cheap tickets available for this series as the Astros look to maintain their playoff spot.
The first game of the upcoming series between the Houston Astros and the Tampa Bay Rays begins at 7:10pm on Monday August 17th at Minute Maid Park. The cheapest tickets for Monday’s game are available for the low price of just $13 and are located in Section 411. If you are looking for something a bit less elevated, there are cheap tickets available in the first row of the outfield in Section 156 for $30. If you are looking for tickets that are closer to the field, check out the seats behind the dugout in Section 116 starting at $28.

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The second game of this four game series starts at 7:10pm on Tuesday August 18th. To simply get into the stadium, the cheapest tickets available can be purchased for just $13 in Sections 428, 427, and 405. If you are looking for seats that are more level with the field, then you definitely want to check out seats on the field level or the first tier outfield. You can purchase cheap left field seats in Section 102 for just $44, while you can find tickets behind the Houston Astros’ dugout in Section 126 starting at $37.

The third game of this series starts at 7:10 pm on Wednesday August 19th. Tickets to this game can be found for as low as $14 in section 321, which will provide you with a great view of the ballpark right behind and above home plate. If you are looking to maybe catch a foul ball, look no further than tickets in Section 129 on the 1st baseline starting at just $34. If you prefer home plate to first base, definitely check out the tickets in Section 116 which are starting extremely cheap at just $36.

The fourth and final game of this series begins at 7:10 pm on Thursday August 20th. The cheapest available tickets for this game are also the cheapest available for the entire series, starting at just $10 in Section 411. If you want to shell out a little more, look no further than the excellent views that Section 156, located above the bullpen, provides starting at just $19. For field level seats, be sure to check out Section 111 on the third base line where tickets are starting as low as $38.

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