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Ninety-nine games into the 2015 season, the Chicago White Sox find themselves one game under .500 with a won-loss record of 49-50 and eleven-and-one-half games behind the division leading Kansas City Royals.

It may be a deficit too great to overcome, but don’t tell that to the team from the Windy City. There is no “giving up” in this tough squad. They’ll play every game as if it’s the last one. And they will certainly give the first place Royals all they can handle when the two squads face off against one another.

According to the Chicago White Sox Schedule they have two trips to Kansas City, one in August, the other in September. With more than eleven games to make up, they know they need to win all six games that will take place in Missouri.

The first three game series, set for August 7 through August 9, is important. The White Sox cannot afford to lose more than one game. The second three game series, as the Chicago White Sox Schedule indicates, will take place in early September – on the 4th, 5th and 6th days of the month. These are critical games.

If the Windy City squad pulls an upset and a sweep, they will have one more crack at the division leaders in a three-game series at home.  The Chicago White Sox Schedule calls for those games to be played on September 29 through October 1.

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Those three games could very well decide the fate of the White Sox. If they don’t overtake the Royals, they may still find that they qualify for a Wild Card.

In fact, that’s why the team’s other divisional games are also important. The Chicago White Sox Schedule has them playing three home games against the second place Minnesota Twins on September 11 – September 13 and three road games against the same team on September 1 through September 3.

The last place Cleveland Indians are also in the Chicago White Sox Schedule. The two teams will meet in “the second city” for three games beginning September 7th and concluding on September 9th. There will also be two games played in Cleveland on September 19th and September 20th.

Every game matters because they all count. If the White Sox want to experience postseason play they have to beat teams that stand in their way. The Chicago White Sox Schedule clearly indicates the teams that need to be targeted and the games that must be won.

If this hungry squad from the Windy City plays up to its potential, it may be able to reach the postseason Of course, it won’t be enough to just beat the teams in their division.

The Chicago White Sox Schedule has other important dates to remember. They will have to play tough teams out of their division, including the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels. Games against these first place teams could decide their fate.

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