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CHVRCHES Explode Onto the Scene With Debut

Lauren Mayberry stands perfectly still and coos into the microphone with startling precision, while everything spins around her at full speed. CHVRCHES have arrived. The band exploded onto the scene with the hugely successful and critically acclaimed debut, The Bones of What You Believe. It’s always incredible how young bands like CHVRCHES rise so quickly and convincingly, but what’s most impressive is the adrenaline shot they’ve provided to the synthpop genre—a car stuck in neutral headed off a cliff. More after the jump in this Picture of the Week.

After years of “copy and paste” music in the electronic genre of synth-pop (pop music dominated by use of the synthesizer), CHVRCHES have provided something unique. Anyone listening closely enough could easily hear the swan song emitted from a plethora of acts like Owl City and LMFAO. It was a tired genre. One can make the argument, however, that CHVRCHES were exactly the group needed to breathe new life into it.

Mayberry’s precision as a lead-singer isn’t a coincidence; she possesses a law degree and a master’s in journalism. It appears she examined the issues with the overpopulated world of electronica and improved upon them, starting with her lyrics. The heartfelt single “The Mother We Share” is the first track on the album, and sets the tone from the onset. Instantly, CHVRCHES show they’re making music that’s all their own, and Mayberry’s background in writing shines through her poetic lyrics.

Through the originality, though, the band certainly makes their homages known. Swedish electronic duo The Knife come to mind, especially considering their 2006 song “We Share Our Mother’s Health.” While, The Knife do tend to be a little darker and more abrasive, CHVRCHES appear honored to wear the influence on their sleeve.

“I am in a band that was born on the internet,” Mayberry wrote in a recent op-ed piece about dealing with the tremendous difficulty of sudden success, and the regrettable online interactions that occur as a result. Despite all the extra attention, she appears no less poised. Her voice comes from a noticeably genuine place, and even with everything moving around her, she remains firm in place, looking outward into a crowd of fans that hang on her every word. Perhaps, all the genre needed was someone with something important to say.

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Article by Nicolas White


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