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The 2014-15 campaign was a roller coaster ride for the Cleveland Cavaliers. We saw LeBron James and company start off in mediocre fashion, catch flames right in time for playoff action and eventually lose to the Golden State Warriors in the finals. After all the drama that surrounded Kevin Love regarding his potential departure from the club and disagreements with James, the tension was almost certainly put to rest after he agreed to a long-term commitment with the team. Now that he’s completely on board, perhaps he will find that perfect role in playing beside Kyrie and LeBron that he just never seemed to find last season.

Last season, Cleveland never really hit full gear as they were occupied in overcoming major injuries seemingly from start to finish. With the Cavs’ trio returning to the court together and healthy, it’s only a matter of time before they again find that collective gear as a whole. Despite losing in the NBA’s most recent finals series, LeBron’s heroic performance still managed to sway Las Vegas odds to have Cleveland as the league-wide favorites to win the championship at 11-4. Furthermore, after the poor playoff showing by the Atlanta Hawks and loss of key players, the Cavs are seen as the unanimous favorites to come out of the Eastern Conference, with the likes of Chicago, Toronto and Washington a considerable distance behind.

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After their finals run, LeBron James and company are going to get every team’s best shot on a nightly basis. This means that though every game on the Cleveland Cavaliers schedule may not be a nationally broadcasted marquee match-up, it’s going to be a physical dogfight from teams trying to prove that they belong. The Cleveland Cavaliers season opener has them paying the revitalized Chicago Bulls a visit in a match-up that we know is going to be electrifying and gritty.

The Cleveland Cavaliers schedule early on is a fairly effortless one with most games coming against the bottom feeders in the Eastern Conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers schedule heats up well into the season, starting with a highly anticipated rematch of the NBA Finals on Christmas Day. This is going to be every basketball fan’s real holiday gift, as the Oracle Arena always seems to be buzzing when LeBron James brings his friends into town. The biggest storyline will likely be the Cavs desperately trying to prove that their healthy roster could’ve been the difference in the Finals outcome.

Another key test on the Cleveland Cavaliers schedule will come on January 14th when they travel to the AT&T Center to take on the new look Spurs. With the addition of LaMarcus Aldridge and the return of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, many have the Spurs alongside the Warriors as favorites to come out of the wild Western Conference. This means that we could be looking at a potential NBA Finals preview. James is no stranger to the Spurs, having met in the Finals three times before, one of which in a Cavs uniform.
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