Watch: A Mini-Documentary on the Rise and Fall of Clipse

A gripping mini-doc from CNN tells the story of the Thornton brothers, better known as Clipse. The influential rap duo consisted of Pusha T and Malice, before the two parted down very different paths. This 15-minute story sheds light on the rise and fall of Clipse.

Clipse CNN Documentary

The money and drugs soaked fame of 2000s hip-hop is well-documented, and it proved crucial to Clipse’s rise as one of the most prominent rap groups in the game. However, the weight of this fame and the image Clipse propelled appeared too much for Malice to bear; he soon gave up his lifestyle of excess, became a born-again Christian and changed his stage name to No Malice.

Pusha T, on the other hand, isĀ continuing a wildly successful solo act built on the foundations of drug dealing. This CNN feature compares the opposing perspectives of two brothers.

Article by Nicolas White

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