College Stadium Review: Assembly Hall

The Indiana Hoosiers are one of college basketball’s most decorated programs. The Hoosiers have made 42 trips to the NCAA Tournament. They have been to the Sweet Sixteen 21 times, the Elite Eight 11 times, the Final Four eight times, the National Championship Games six times, and have won the NCAA Tournament five times. Only UCLA with 11 National Championships and Kentucky with eight have more NCAA Tournament championships than the Hoosiers. Duke and North Carolina are tied for third all-time with Indiana. Their eight Final Four appearances rank them ninth on the all time list.

Indiana Hoosier's Assembly Hall

Indiana Hoosier’s Assembly Hall

When your school is mentioned at the top of the sport with UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke, you know you are one of the very elite. Most of Indiana’s basketball success came under head coach Bob Knight. In his 29 years as the Hoosiers coach, he won 662 games, had 22 seasons with at least 20 wins and won three NCAA Tournament championships.

During the early days of the NCAA Tournament, the Hoosiers were led by Branch McCracken from 1938-65. He won 364 games during an era when schools only played about 20 to 25 games per season. He won the NCAA Tournament twice during his tenure.

Indiana’s long list of great basketball players includes Tom Van Arsdale, Dick Van Arsdale, Walt Bellamy, George McGinnis, Quinn Buckner, Scott May, Kent Benson, Mike Woodson, Isaiah Thomas, Landon Turner, Randy Wittman, Steve Alford, Calbert Cheaney, Alan Henderson, Brian Evans, A. J. Guyton, Jared Jefferies, Eric Gordon, D. J. White, Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo and many more.

At no school do they take college basketball more seriously than at Indiana. In fact, in no state is college basketball bigger than in Indiana. Indiana basketball is a 365-day-a-year obsession.

When you attend a game at Assembly Hall, which has seen so much college basketball history, you know you are at the pinnacle of the sport. All the championship banners hanging from the rafters let you know this is the place to be for a college basketball game.

Assembly Hall opened in 1972 an holds over 17,000 red clad fans. There is talk of a new arena in Indiana’s future, so if you want to visit an iconic college basketball gym, do not wait. The trophies, banners, plaques and photos of all the legends who have played in this gym will be the first thing you notice when you walk inside. When the Hoosiers take the court in their classic candy stripe warm-ups to the roar of 17,000, you will know this is what college basketball is all about.

The Big Ten Conference is one of the elite conferences in the game and Indiana is its most storied program. The Hoosiers are to the Big Ten what Kentucky is to the SEC, what Kansas is to the Big 12 and what UCLA is to the PAC 12. They may not always be the best team, but they are the best program. They are the measuring stick.

This year’s Indiana home schedule will include Eastern Illinois, Austin Peay, Creighton, Morehead St, IPFW, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Purdue, Maryland and more.

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