College Stadium Review: Darrell K Royal Texas Stadium

Home to the Longhorns of the University of Texas, Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium has a long and storied history. Opened in 1924, the stadium has become one of the largest in the country, now seating just over 100,000 fans on a packed out game day. There is not much about attending a game here that a true football fan would not like, unless of course their team lost. Even then, however, the experience can usually make up for it in the end. Located in Austin, Texas, football game day is about the complete fan experience, from well before tip off, until long after the final whistle blows. There is a bit of everything for all ages to enjoy, from tailgating that sports some of the nations finest barbecue smoked over a wood fire, to cowboy hats and cowgirls completely decked out. A Texas game would not be complete without a great deal of state pride, and that is evident as well with state flags flying high nearly everywhere you look.

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Texas University, and its fans, have a rich tradition, and this is evident before and during the game. You will hear many songs about Texas, including ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’ and the ‘The Eyes of Texas’ played many time during a visit to this stadium, and the mascot will be on full display as well. For history buffs, it might be interesting to note that the first game in the stadium took place in 1924 against Baylor University. A whopping 13,500 fans showed up that day, so one can see how much the stadium and fan base has grown in the last 91 years. In fact, there are many new and flashier stadiums popping up all over the state, but none come close to the tradition of Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium, nor the atmosphere contained therein.

Even the food and beverage at this stadium get high marks. There are local area favorites, namely in the realm of barbecue, and then your typical hot dogs, burgers, and pizza. Soft drinks and bottled water are also readily available, all at prices that are extremely competitive with other venues of this size. There is no beer or liquor sold anywhere in the stadium, however, so keep that in mind.

With just over 100,000 fans packing it in regularly on game days, this stadium has become the sixth larges college football stadium in the United States. Even with the number of fans and seats in the stadium, the fact that the venue is still only two levels means that there is not really a bad seat in the house. Naturally, the higher you go up, the more difficult it is to see parts of the action in the field, but you can more than make up for that with the fan atmosphere. It is electric inside. The fans are passionate about their team, and Texas plays host to some quality opponents every year, so there is excitement sure to be had.
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