College Stadium Review: Dix Stadium

The Golden Flashes football team of Kent State University calls Dix Stadium home. Located in Kent, Ohio, the stadium currently has a seating capacity of 25, 319 and has a FieldTurf field established as the playing surface. The stadium itself is located at the far eastern of the campus at Kent Stated, directly long Summit Street. This provides easy access just off State Route 261.  The stadium forms the centerpiece of the overall athletic complex at the university.
Dix Stadium serves to provide fans with a true traditional college football game. The area around the stadium has been revitalized in to a spectacular downtown area, and the campus itself is of a rather historic nature. Canton is only 45 miles to the southeast, and as you know that is birthplace of football. While Kent State might play at the upper echelons of collegiate football, it is nonetheless a great spectacle to behold and should be worth a visit for any fan of the college game.

The stadium was built in 1969, and it looks like many similar venues build during that time period. The designers did, however, include some unique style features that make the experience for fans a bit more memorable. Dix Stadium will soon be upgrading its stadium to include a new player’s lounge, and revamped locker rooms and other player facilities. Upgrading existing bleacher seats, including luxury suites, and providing some cover over the seating areas next to the student sections will also enhance the overall spectator experience.

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As mentioned, the stadium is a bit set back from the heart of the campus, so the normal excitement that students can generate on game day is a bit lacking. The only part of the campus that is really visible from the stadium itself in the main library, and even that can only be seen when sitting at the top of the stadium. This is not really as bad as it sounds, however, because the focus is placed squarely on football, which is exactly where most fans want it.

The stadium surface is relatively new, and it is highlighted by a brick façade that is really amazing to look at. This is located in the south end zone, and it also acts the location of the Hall of Fame Plaza. Kent State has made numerous bowl appearances, and memorials of these events are located there. The stadium is relatively small and intimate, seating just over 25,000 fans, so there truly is not a bad seat in the house. All of the options for seating are bleachers, aside from one section near midfield. These seats have individual chair back and are known to provide the best overall view of the game, so keep that in mind if you are playing a visit to Dix Stadium.

The stadium only has one primary entrance on the west side of the stadium, so there could be a bottle neck of fans at times, but the stadium staff pretty much has this system streamlined. Parking is cheap, at only $5 in the primary lot, so that is a good value. Even when the games are sold out, it is easy to park, get in the gate rather quickly, find something to ea, and then get to your seat in near record time. Dix Stadium is perfect for fans that just want to watch a great game. Don’t expect too much pomp and circumstance, but do expect a great event and overall good time.
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