College Stadium Review: Dowdy Ficklen Stadium

The Pirates of East Carolina call Dowdy Ficklen Stadium home. This venue is a respectable outdoor stadium that was opened in 1963 and seats a total of 50,000 people when filled to capacity. Located in Greenvile, North Carolina, this stadium is not very well known outside of the region, but is nonetheless a good place to watch a Saturday afternoon football game. In addition, the Pirates are beginning to develop a football program that is growing in stature, climbing higher and higer in the national ranks every year. They are currently in the Conference USA, and are poised to soon join the American Conference, where they should attract even more quality opponents to play in their stadium. Speaking of the stadium, the Pirates are able to frequently sell out their stadium, giving it an electric atmosphere and making it a great place to view a quality game. The stadium has recently been renovated, and the stadium upgrades have created an experience that is similar to one that you would expect at stadium associated with more prestigious and well known collegiate football schools. While East Carolina certainly cannot be considered among the big league players in the sport as of yet, it is nonetheless a great place for a visitor to come in and watch a true brand of southern collegiate football.

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For a relatively small venue, Dowdy Ficklen Stadium packs a punch when it comes to food and beverage options. There are quite a few different food stalls located throughout the main concourse, appealing to the palate of even the most discerning of fans. Chick-Fil-A restaurant has a major presence here, and there is also the normal stadium food such as hot dogs pizza. No southern stadium would be complete with barbecue, and visitors will find plenty in abundance, as they will specialty food such as gyros. In essence, there is a quite a variety of selection available at this particular stadium, so come hungry and leave satisfied.


While there is nothing really spectacular about the design and make up of Dowdy Ficklen Stadium, the overall atmosphere is nonetheless great. It is a contrast of sorts; as the venue is not ugly or displeasing to the eye in anyway, but there is nothing jaw dropping about it either. It is simply a football stadium, basic in its design, and extremely functional. That is ok, of course, as to watch a quality football game is why people are flocking to Greenville on Saturdays in the fall to begin with. Most of the seats in the stadium, with the exception of center section, have metal benches. The center section just mentioned does have actual stadium seats and are purple in color. The one drawback would seem to be that much of the stadium is in the sun, with the exception of the seats just below the press tower, so keep that in mind if you are attending an early afternoon game in the early part of the season.  Overall, however, this stadium is in a great location and affords spectators and affordable experience with a team that seems to get better with each passing season.
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