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The prestigious Air Force Academy, located in Colorado Springs, is home to Falcon Stadium. The Falcons have been playing their home football games here since 1962 and the stadium has a current seating capacity of just fewer than 47,000. For many reasons, this is a great venue to watch a football game. Not only are the fans passionate about their team, but also the surrounding area is picturesque and is makes for a great backdrop to any Saturday collegiate football game. The stadium itself is more than 6,600 feet above sea level. At this height, it is the second highest college stadium in the entire FBS. It is located directly in the foothills that form the Rocky Mountains, the views of which are certain to take your breath away. That is a good Segway into examining the various components of what makes this stadium special, football is what you come here for. While the venue itself was built more than 50 years ago, it has been maintained extremely well and has kept up with the time. Air Force football is exciting to watch, as the team is a reflection of the physical fitness regime that Air Force cadets are put through. They typically employ a triple option running attack that both frustrates opponents and gives fans something exciting to watch. The Falcons are arguably the most successful of the teams in the Armed forces, making 23 bowl appearance through the years, and ending up in the top 20 a respectable total of 4 times.

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Many fans coming to Falcon Stadium will immediately notice the hospitality booth set up outside the stadium to make the pregame festivities a bit more exciting. In fact, many will be excited to note that free beer is handed out here, outside, prior to the game. Beer, however, is not sold inside the stadium. There is a host of food stands set up inside, however, and the fare is both varied and quite good. The prices are most reasonable as well.
As mentioned, one can hardly beat the views and scenery that forms the backdrop of Falcon Stadium. It is consistently rated as one of the best in that Air Forceregard. The pregame festivities should not be missed, as there is a combination of patriotic activities combined with the traditional football pregame as well. Fans cannot help be me inspired before kickoff even occurs. If there was a negative to note, it would be that the fans can be a bit inconsistent in terms of their focus on the game. They certainly get into the game at certain moment, and can be quite loud. Surprisingly enough given the nature of the military, there are not any traditional chants and battle cries issues during the game. It appears that most fans view the game as a social event to catch up with friends, which there is certainly nothing wrong with, but die hard fans might find the lack of focus to be a bit off setting.
Overall, attending an Air Force game is one of the best values in the nation, and with the views to boot. It would be a great weekend affair, and you will enjoy a great stadium, excellent pregame parties, and an entertaining brand of football.
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