College Stadium Review: FAU Stadium

The Owls of Florida Atlantic University play their home games in the stadium that bears their name, FAU Stadium. Opened in 2011, this outdoor is a medium sized modern facility that seats a very comfortable 30,000 fans. Couple that with the great Florida weather for fall football games, and this is certainly a great venue to enjoy at least once during the upcoming season. The stadium is on campus and is new. Students live nearby and can easily get to the games, and this venue has been credited for already changing the entire culture of the campus that, up to that point, was a rather quiet existence. The team is still rather new, and the stadium even newer, so there are some kinks to work out. In addition, tradition is rather non-existence, so the electric atmosphere present at some neighboring schools is lacking, but it is exciting to consider what the future might hold, which makes this a great game to attend just to see what the buzz is all about.
FAU Stadium is rather unique, particularly in regards to the view that one has from the press box. This area includes loge boxes and luxury suites, rather unique for such a small stadium, and this allows the fans to have a view of the Atlantic Ocean right from their seats. It appears that no other stadium in the country can say that they have such a spectacular view, so South Florida wins the prize on that account. The only question that remains to be seen is if the team can put a quality enough product on the field and keep fans from drifting away to the ocean for a bit of sun and surf.

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FAU Stadium has a decent selection of food and beverages. As the venue is on campus, there is no alcohol served, but there are many specialty food options on offer. From many Italian options, to barbecue, or Philly cheese steak sandwiches, to the traditional stadium fare of hot dogs and hamburgers, there is truly something for everyone. The food is average prices, and there seems to be something for every taste and budget. The luxury suites and sky boxes come with their own private catering service with slightly more pricey food if that is more your thing.
South Florida has long since had a problem attracting fans to live sporting events, primarily because of the spectacular weather that is to be experienced year round. it is simply difficult to find many individuals who want to spend a few hours in a set, particularly outdoors, when they can be enjoying one of the many outdoor activities on offer in the area. Consider when Miami’s Major League Baseball team won the World Series and suffered through the embarrassment of not even being to sell out their home playoff games. Florida Atlantic University aims to reverse that culture, but to this point it has been slow going. The stadium does hold 30,000 fans, but as they cannot yet draw big name teams into their stadium, there is simply not a big-time college football atmosphere to be felt here. There is hope for the future, however, and if your plans call for a visit to South Beach, this would certainly be an attractive way to spend your Saturday afternoon.
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