College Stadium Review: Folsom Field Stadium

It might have been a long time since the football team has been the college football powerhouse that it once was, but that does not stop the experience of attending a game today to be dampened any less.  Folsom Field Stadium is home to the Colorado Buffalos, and was opened way back in 1924. The seating capacity is 53,613 fans when fill to the brink, and it often is. As mentioned, recent years have been quite difficult for the Buffalos’ fans, as the team has not performed at its finest level, but that does not stop them being one of the most die hard supporters in the country. Now that the team is nestled in the Pacific-12 Conference, some big name teams are playing once again at Folsom Field, so fans in Boulder have something to really look forward to come Saturdays in the fall.

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The stadium itself is unique in the fact that is one of the highest stadiums in terms of elevation in the United States – the fifth highest to be exact – as it sits more than 5,440 feet above sea level. Folsom Field has understandably undergone quite a few renovations since construction was first completed back in 1924. At that time, capacity was capped at 26,000 and the seats were rather uncomfortable wooden bleachers. The first renovation took place in 1945, when the capacity was increased to 45,000 fans and a second deck was actually added to the stadium. This created a horse-shoe design, and it was in 1968 that a six-story press box was actually erected, in addition to a suite structure. The suites were placed on top of the west grandstands, the track that had been a part of the field for so long was actually removed. It was not until 1976 that the stadium actually removed and replaced with wooden bleachers with a more modern aluminum design, which increased the seating capacity to just over 52,000. Since then, some more suites and club seats have been added on that has increased capacity to its current level at 53,613.
The atmosphere at Folsom Field on game days is fantastic. The venue itself is located right at the heart of the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder, and it is beautiful area at that. The design of the stadium is truly something to behold. The east side of the stadium gives fans a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains, but keep in mind that the sun will shine right in your eyes if sitting there. If you have a choice, opt for your view of the Rockies from outside the stadium, and watch the game from the second level of the southwest end zone. This puts you near, but not too near, the rowdy student section, and gives you perhaps the best view of both stadium and the field. Be there in time for kickoff, as Ralphie the Buffalo runs out onto the field just before kickoff and at halftime, illustrating just a few components of the history and tradition at this great university. College football fans will certainly enjoy the experience.
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