College Stadium Review: Foreman Field Stadium

Foreman Field Stadium is home to the college football team of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. The stadium opened in 1935 and has a current seating capacity of 20,118. While this venue is old, the team is young at only 6 years of age. Foreman Field hosts the team, as Old Dominion does not have a stadium to call its own home, but the surrounding area has really taken to the Monarchs Team and a considerable fan base has already been established in less than a decade. The stadium opened back in 1936, and it recently underwent a renovation to prepare for the Monarchs opening season in 2009. That renovation was pegged at $25 million. They began playing as an independent, but have now begun playing in Conference USA. The team already has the distinction of having sold out of every home game that it is played, putting them in the top ten of the FCS school in terms of attendance. The stadium itself is not up to the standard of other stadiums in their class, even after the renovations. but this is largely due to the age of the venue. A plan is currently being discussed to build a new stadium across from the actual campus that will complete with modern amenities, in addition a much larger capacity. This should be benefit to many in the Norfolk area, as it has proven quite difficult to get a ticket to a Monarchs game.

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As you can probably already determine, the atmosphere at an Old Dominion home game is certainly worth experiencing, the only drawback being the age of the stadium and the lack of features that many football fans elsewhere are likely accustomed to. That does not keep everyone from enjoying the entire experience; however, as the south parking lot fills up with tailgaters long before the game is due to begin. The stadium itself houses some unique features, including a loge section and suites, but given the age of the rest of the stadium, this kind of looks out of place. The sun can be an issue in some sections, but if you were to land a ticket for a game, you will not be able to picky anyway. The field is Astro Turf and is well maintained. The band is energetic and provides great energy that the fans seem to feed off of.
The fans are what make the Monarchs games so special. As mentioned, they have sold out every game that they have played in, no matter the opponent. The tailgating parties draw in fans of all ages, and they are there to support Old Dominion in force. The entire team seems to have rallied behind the team, and this certainly bodes well for the future of the team. The University itself is beautiful, so make sure to take that in as well, and then prepare for an exciting game on a Saturday afternoon. Falls in Virginia typically bring great weather, so enjoy.
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